Have you heard about our Cultural Social Innovation Case Studies?

We are excited to soon announce the release of our first project resource, the ‘Cultural Social Innovation Guide’ which will define the topic of cultural social innovation (CSI) and it’s benefits. This innovative guide will raise awareness of cultural and creative spaces and practices that illustrate the value of using CSI to develop engagement, especially with lower-skilled adults and young people.

Each partner in the CSI EU project has identified and highlighted exemplar case studies from across Europe that will feature in one section of our guide and provide motivation to readers on how to introduce CSI education in their organisations.

In advance of the release of the guide, we will be showcasing some of these exciting case studies as stand-alone examples to give you just an insight into the rest of the invaluable information and stories that will be contained in the final publication. Continue reading below to hear about our first cultural social innovation case study, Amal Women’s Association in Dublin, Ireland.

The Amal Women’s Association is a Muslim women-led Charity that provides services to women with a connection to the Muslim community all around Ireland. Amal wishes to see an Ireland where all women, particularly Muslim women, can access the services they need and fully participate in Irish society, free from the threat of violence, poverty, racism, discrimination and stigma.

Amal works to address the many barriers to services that Muslim women face in Ireland and aid their integration into Irish society by supporting them in ways that protect and promote their own culture and heritage. These supports are wide ranging, from outreach programmes and fundraising for newly arrived refugees to English language courses and Driving Theory tests. Amal also provide guest talks on topics such as personal development and leadership, while promoting creativity for their members through different Art programmes. For frontline needs, Amal provide a helpline and access to emergency services to women who require refuge and safety in dangerous situations.

Amal Women’s association has a strong social mission, to support, guide, empower and respond to Muslim ad non-Muslim women’s culturally specific needs and to facilitate their engagement and added value which they bring to Irish society. Amal is a brilliant example of cultural social innovation as they believe in providing cultural and religious rights to women and their families through promoting culture and innovation between women. Through the provision of information and training both online and offline in areas such as group facilitation, community development, policy development and communications the women who take part gain a stronger role in their family, workplace, home, and wider community.

Amal recognise the value of constructive dialogue and strategic partnerships in order to build strong foundations in the community. This is also a value that we strongly believe is required to promote cultural social innovations in any setting.

To learn more about the tremendous work going on at Amal Women’s Association, you can read more here: https://www.amalwomenirl.com/. Please check out our website – https://www.csi-project.eu/ to discover more about our project and the exciting resources to come.

We look forward to showcasing some more examples of Cultural Social Innovations in the coming weeks.