Digital Transformation Toolbox

The Toolbox is designed to provide practical guidance and tools for young people and adults wishing to enhance their digital skills, the toolbox will also guide the adult educators and youth workers seeking to incorporate culture-based social innovation activities into their teaching strategies, with a particular focus on increasing their confidence in using digital tools and apps.

Our toolbox is divided into 6 categories listed below:

01 Presentation Tools

These tools allow educators/young adults to use the power visual storytelling to present and animate ideas and concepts incorporating text, video and graphics.

02 Social Technologies

These tools enable young adults to discuss ideas or matters concerning social innovation with peers, educators and the public. They provide a path to wide ranging networks.

03 Collaboration Tools

These tools enable people involved in a common task to collaborate share and co-author digital files through cloud computing.

04 Crowdsourcing Tools

These tools enable young adults/educators to seek knowledge, funds, or services from a large body of people online for their cultural social innovation activity.

05 Cultural Tools

These tools enable young people to gain an interest in culture and art, and provide inspiration for cultural social innovation problems/ opportunities to get involved with.

06 Civic Good Tools

These tools enable young adults to inform (get informed), to persuade, to provide access, or to get involved in civic/democratic issues